Buildings affect people every moment of every day. And at Honeywell Building Technologies (HBT), we’re transforming the way every building operates, because better buildings make our lives better. Over 23,000 HBT global employees support buildings of every type, from commercial offices, stores and schools to hospitals, airports and arenas.
Our diverse technologies and brands enable us to create holistic solutions, improving virtually every aspect of your building’s environment and experience. We believe buildings should be efficient and sustainable — and that building data can guide business decisions.

Building Management Systems

Do you want building systems that are easier to manage? With more efficient climate controls? Better data for more insightful decision-making? We can help.

Our systems use data to more accurately predict when a comfort problem is likely, so you can get ahead of it. The result? Lower costs, extended equipment life and minimized disruptions.

Comfort Point Open

Our building management systems make buildings safer, more energy efficient and easier to manage as your business grows.


We’re committed to making buildings healthier for everyone. We continue to create new products and processes that protect the environment.

Environmental Control

Our systems for controlling air quality, lighting and energy create greater efficiencies and make occupants feel safe and comfortable.

Healthy Buildings

Healthy buildings contribute to a healthy organization
Studies show that a healthy building has many benefits to organizations such as improved productivity, attracting talent and better occupant health. How healthy is your building? Take an assessment.

Use UV-C light to deactivate contaminants.

Poor air quality can have a negative effect on buildings and personal well-being. But UV-C technology can help reduce the spread of airborne pathogens on coils and in air ducts.

Air quality is a requirement. Not an option.

If the air isn’t clean, a building isn’t healthy. So we’ve developed systems to remove pathogens, bacteria and other harmful materials.

See everything we’re doing to make buildings safe and secure.

To make sure your occupants feel confident, we’ve developed technology to monitor social distancing, building capacity and body temperature.


Until we can predict the future, be prepared for it.
As you adapt to new realities, leveraging secure, reliable data is critical – to your building’s resilience, business continuity and unpredictable occupancy levels.

Use data to your advantage

Using data optimally is how your business will pull ahead, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Our systems help guide choices regarding comfort, safety, security and more.

Enhance visibility into all your connected systems.

Pro-Watch protects assets, optimizes productivity, and ensures compliance. You can monitor video, access and alerts from a single interface.

Don't let hackers keep you up at night.

Our cybersecurity solutions help you build resilience and reduce operational technology (OT) risks, while supporting business uptime.


Demand safety in your environment
Protecting your people and assets is critical, but often presents strategic and tactical challenges. We’ve solved safety issues for some of the world’s largest buildings. Let us help tackle yours.

Help shield your building from fire

How can fire systems do more with tighter budgets? The right products help securely connect systems, take fast action and mitigate risk – even in complicated scenarios.

Notification Systems

Reach people fast when seconds count. Our offerings integrate into your systems to help speed response, save lives and prevent loss.

Instant Alert Plus

Automatic messaging simplifies the task of informing occupants in routine or emergency situations, reaching them by various preferred methods.


Tighten your security. And your costs
What’s the most efficient way to integrate your systems, analyze the data they collect and enhance security from end to end? It’s a million-dollar question. But the solution doesn’t have to be.

Accessible, cloud-connected solutions. Compatibility with current equipment. Protocols that play well with others. Systems designed around you to meet your unique needs.

Use data to help identify threats sooner

Get a single coordinated view of your video systems. Make reliable IDs of potential threats, keeping public spaces – and the people using them – safer.

Intrusion Protection

Our sensors and communications tool quickly alert you when someone has breached a perimeter with greater reliability.

Simplify Access While Staying Watchful

Give your managers greater control and enhance the employee and guest experience with access control solutions that can be automated and integrated.


Leave your toughest issues to the experts
Whether you need to update your preventive maintenance software or optimize your entire facility, we’ll draw on our success helping clients with buildings of every size, applying smart, customized solutions.

The expertise to solve your planning, operational and financial goals. Need an assessment of your facility’s performance including an affordable way to update systems? A service contract with technicians ready at a moment’s notice? A sustainability plan? Tell us your needs, we’ll create a flexible solution to meet them.

Ready to get hands-on

We’re not just here to help you find the right product or service. We’re an ongoing partner who can work with you to manage routine challenges..

A time-and money-saving approach to building management and maintenance

Our sensors and communications tool quickly alert you when someone has breached a perimeter with greater reliability.

Defense plans against attacks from any angle

We’ll work with you and your existing building management partners to cybersecure your data, including Operational Technology (OT), and often overlooked area of vulnerability.

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