Outcome of 205th Board Meeting-Audited Financials for Quarter and Year ended 31st March 2024 and Dividend Recommendation March 2024 Click Here
Intimation of Board Meeting Scheduled on 24th May 2024 to consider Audited Financials for Quarter and Financial year ending March 2024 March 2024 Click Here
Intimation of SME Credit Rating Assigned to the Company March 2024 Click Here
Intimation of Closure of Trading Window in compliance with SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading Regulations) 2024 for March 2024 Quarter March 2024 Click Here
Grant of In Principle approval from Bombay Stock Exchange for Listing Equity Shares of Adtech Systems Limited-Intimation-reg March 2024 Click Here
Intimation to Shareholders holding Shares in Physical Form on SEBI Directive on Dividend Payments in Electronic Mode Only February 2024 Click Here
Intimation on Closure of Trading Window for Q3 ended 31st December 2023 December 2023 Click Here
Reporting u/R 30 of SEBI (LODR), 2015- Diversification into Second Life Battery Storage Systems November 2023 Click Here
Outcome of 203rd Meeting of Board of Directors -Un Audited Financials Q2 /H1 FY 2023 24 September 2023 Click Here
Notice of 203rd Board Meeting Scheduled on 14th November 2023 for Q2 Results September 2023 Click Here
Report on Completion of Dividend payment process 2023 October 2023 Click Here
Proceedings of 32nd Annual General Meeting held on 30th September 2023 September 2023 Click Here
Notice calling 32nd Annual General Meeting of Adtech Systems Limited September 2023 Click Here
Adtech Systems Limited 32nd Annual Report March 2023 Click Here
Notice of Book Closure, Record Date and Entitlement to receive 32nd AGM Notice March 2023 Click Here
Outcome of 202nd Board Meeting: Un-Audited Financials for Quarter ended 30th June 2023, AGM and Record Dates June 2023 Click Here
Intimation of 202nd Board Meeting Scheduled on 14th August 2023 to consider Q1 Financials of FY 2023 24 June 2023 Click Here
Intimation on Loss of Share Certificate June 2023 Click Here
Outcome of 201st meeting of Board of Directors for Q4 and FY2022-23 Audited Financials and Recommendation of Dividend March 2023 Click Here
Intimation of 201st Board Meeting Scheduled on 30th May 2023 to consider Audited Financials and recommendation of Dividend for FY 2022 23 March 2023 Click Here
Intimation of Book Closure & Record Date for 31st AGM scheduled on September 2022 March 2022 Click Here
Form ISR-4 -Request by Shareholder to issue Duplicate Share Certificate(Letter of Confirmation) January 2022 Click Here
Attention Shareholders holding Physical Shares to Update KYC and Nomination December 2021 Click Here
Intimation of Change in Corporate & Head Office of the Company September 2021 Click Here
Intimation of Book Closure /Record Date March 2021 Click Here
Outcome of 190th Board Meeting-Appointment of Independent Directors March 2021 Click Here
Disclosure by promoters under SAST Regulations,2011 March 2020 Click Here
Intimation of Book Closure for the purpose of Annual General Meeting FY 201920 March 2020 Click Here
Disclosure on Promoters Shares encumbered March 2019 Click Here
Notice Of Book Closure for 28th AGM and Dividend March 2019 Click Here
Postal Ballot Notice, Resolution and Postal Ballot Form for altering Objects clause of Memorandum of Association of the Company 2015 – 16 Click Here
New Articles of Association – Adtech Systems Limited 2015 – 16 Click Here
Listing Approval from Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Limited (MSEIL),Mumbai 7 Dec 2016 2016 – 17 Click Here
Appeal to Shareholders for Dematting their Shareholding 2016 – 17 Click Here
Notice of Record Date for Bonus Share Issue 2017 – 18 Click Here
Email ID and Contact Details for Grievance Redressal 2017 – 18 Click Here
Outcome of Board Meeting Held on 30th January 2023 to consider BSE Listing January 2023 Click Here
Attn Shareholders holding Physical Shares to update KYC and Nomination January 2022 Click Here
Postal Ballot Notice December 2021 Click Here
Contact Information for Investor Grievances October 2018 Click Here
Intimation of Record date -MSEI August 2018 Click Here
Annual Report 2014-15 and Notice for 24th Annual General MeetingAugust 2015Click Here
Limited Review Report December 2016December 2016Click Here
Unaudited Financials December 2016December 2016Click Here
Limited Review Report December 2017December 2017Click Here
Unaudited Financials December 2017December 2017Click Here
Limited Review Report June 30, 2017June 2017Click Here
Unaudited Financials June 2017June 2017Click Here
Financials & Annual Report 2013-14March 2014Click Here
Annual Report 2012-13March 2013Click Here
Balance Sheet 2012-13March 2013Click Here
Annual Report and Notice for 25th Annual General MeetingMarch 2016Click Here
Audited Financials March 2017March 2017Click Here
Unaudited financials and Limited Review Report September 2017September 2017Click Here
Audited financials for FY 2017 18March 2018Click Here

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