Future of Graphic Labels, InforTab

InforTab is a graphic label based on customized wireless technology and designed to replace conventional paper labels,
transforming stores and workplaces into a connected digital space

Product Details

Long Battery Life

Runs up to 10 years* without battery replacement (typically up to 3 updates per day). *dependent on battery condition


Flashing LED lights feature 3 colors to increase the efficiency of operational tasks, such as order picking, restocking, and inventory checks. LED lights also allow customers to locate products easily.

FAST Update Speed

Update 18,000 SKU’s within 30 minutes. Our system is faster than other graphic labels on the ESL market. **based on test with radio jamming

Flexible Display

Full graphic display in three to eight colors can include specific information such as price, QR code, barcode, promotion, currency details, and more.

NFC Connectivity

Accessing the NFC-integrated InforTab via smartphone enhances shoppers’ in-store experiences. It provides them with additional product information, personalized marketing, and self-checkout services such as Tap & Go

Customized Design

InforTab labels are customized to not only display digital content, but also allow company branding with a custom bezel design.

Waterproof capabilities

Designed to be waterproof and dustproof to meet all requirements in various temperatures and environments.

Color range

The InforTab product line comes in either 3, 4, or 7 colors, depending on the model. You can choose what best fits your needs.

Versatile usability

InforTab Plus can be used for many types of products, ranging from food to clothes.

Total Management System

Being managed in a single unified platform both Infortab and Infortab Plus, allow infortab user can easy expand it to digital signage solution.


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