Radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) Solutions for security and stock management.

Radio-frequency identification technology (RFID)is a way for retailers to identify items using radio waves. It transmits data from a RFID tag to a reader, giving you accurate, real-time tracking data of your inventory

Retailers use RFID to improve stock accuracy in stores. The standard retail inventory process is still time-consuming and manual. With RFID, you can instantly and accurately check-in entire shipments, rather than rely on individual package scanning and blind receipts.

RFID can be used in businesses to allow them to identify individual products and components, and to track them throughout the supply chain from production to point-of-sale. To use RFID for an inventory control solution it is recommended that a reader is used to encode the tags with the product data


  • Inventory Visibility & Accuracy
  • Omni-Channel Imperative
  • Clienteling - Empowering Associates
  • Faster or Cashier Less Checkout
  • Loss Prevention
  • Customer Experience Enablers - Magic Mirror, Smart Shelves, Trial Rooms etc

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